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Want your business or brand to be found online and looking for an SEO Service that delivers results? Search Engine Optimization is key when it comes to online presence and Clickfred SEO Service delivers the best results for our clients. We focus on best practices and our SEO Marketing strategy is keep it simple and cover the basics so you never feel lost. Clients can choose from a variety of search engine optimization services, package deals or select a single SEO Service depending on the goals to achieve and issues to overcome. Reporting of SEO results can be verified within the Google Search Console, basic and advanced reporting is provided to clients and we will customize the reporting results depending on your preferences.

Clickfred SEO Service will guide you through every step of the process so you will be able to understand the issues and SEO marketing strategy implemented. Clickfred was built on the foundation of transparency and honesty, we will answer any and all questions that our clients may have. Trust us, we are here to help!

SEO Marketing Case Study


Utah Valley Dermatology

Healthcare Industry | Dermatologist In Lehi, Utah

Utah Valley Dermatology is one of the largest dermatology clinics in Utah and has been voted number one for Best Dermatology Services in Utah County for four years in a row. Offering a large variety of services and the best care in the state, Utah Valley Dermatology needed to have more impact within their local market for online visibility.

The client, Dr. David Myers, had a clear necessity: Having online presence. Dr. Myers understood the importance of Digital and SEO Marketing and had paid top dollar to several marketing companies to achieve the online presence the number one Dermatology Clinic in Utah should have. Several digital marketing companies could not achieve the results Dr. Myers knew his business deserved. The reporting provided from previous marketing companies for SEO results was not tangible nor measurable in regards to metrics that would have a direct impact on a business. Utah Valley Dermatology had all the components of a top ranking business that would be found online, high end website, original copy content available, full media library, but the business had not received a positive ROI on the investment in Digital or SEO Marketing.

SEO Service UV Derm SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study Executive Summary

SEO Results Key Statistics April 15th, 2015 – January 31st 2017

Dr. Myers and Utah Valley Dermatology had all the right elements for a strong online presence. The two main causes that suppressed online visibility and website traffic were lack of SEO Optimization and no content marketing strategy which prevented the alignment of online resources. When online resources are not aligned the online presence is similar to a flashlight, there is a wide spread of light, but no concentrated power. When online resources are brought into alignment the result is a laser, a concentration of power and a strong online presence of your business. The key to a good content marketing strategy is to pick a point of penetration and then ripple outwards.
  • Organic website traffic increased from an average of 331 to 2,246 unique visitors per month

  • Number of organic keywords appearing in the Top 10 search results increased from: Top 3: 1 Top 10: 8 To Top 3: 18 Top 10: 29

  • Increased local online visibility from 2% to 6%

  • The highest number of monthly YouTube views raised from 800 to 19,418

Initial SEO Analysis

Where Clickfred Started

Start with the basics, what is the online visibility within the local market, what was the condition of the Local SEO. We ran a Business Listings Report and the results displayed inconsistent information regarding names, addresses and phone numbers. There was a number of duplicate business listings found and overall, online visibility was low.

The results of an SEO website audit revealed that the current website had a large number of errors and duplicate content, resulting in search engine suppression, which was not attractive to the search engine platforms of the client. Since the copy content on the website was not SEO optimized and there appeared to be no keyword or content marketing strategy, the site was not appearing in search engine results organically. Traffic to the website was not at all what it should have been for having the top Dermatology business within the local market.

Consistency is key in Social Media and we could also notice their social media channels were not optimized and there was no consistency between the website and the social media channels. Potential patients were being informed of a different business elements depending on the online resource that was viewed and the inconsistency and disorganization of information presented online was not attracting new business.

SEO Service SEO Marketing
Local SEO Services SEO Service

Local SEO Services

What Clickfred Did First

The client received our Local SEO Services to eliminate duplicate business listings, suppress previous listings and provide consistency for all Local Business Listings. The primary objective of Clickfred was clear: we wanted to increase online visibility on the local level to generate new business from local search results, so potential patients wouldn’t look elsewhere for quality dermatological services.

Advanced Social Media and SEO Audit

The Next Step

An advanced Social Media and SEO audit were performed and it revealed a number of issues. The issues that were discovered during the audit ranked from low to critical, but when combined they were the result of a suppressed online presence.

The most difficult error to determine was that Social Media had a “push pull” effect on the online visibility and overall brand presence. Online resources were clearly not aligned and actually working against one another. Clickfred was able to identify and resolve the issue, an issue that the three prior Digital Marketing Companies were not able to notice. Utah Valley Dermatology had a trio of Google My Business Accounts, each account synced with Youtube and Twitter. The main issue was the primary account for each channel was synced with the “dead” accounts for the other channels.

The brand had several YouTube Videos published but they were not SEO optimized. The YouTube channel and video settings were not configured configured correctly, incomplete and linked to the wrong URL’s. The videos basic description went against YouTube best practices and were not appearing in search results. Video titles had no keywords, the descriptions were often one sentence and not relevant to the media content and contained a number of URL links to services that were not consistent with the video.

SEO Results SEO Case StudyThe website SEO audit revealed the sites average Page Size and Page Load Speed were poor, the average Page Size was around 14MB. The site had a total of 273 pages and a large percentage of duplicate content. Video media was being hosted on the server, images were not sized or compressed and there was a number of more technical SEO issues that caused the large Page Size. The issue of duplicated content and having 273 pages on the website went hand in hand. There were backup pages, multiple video galleries, copy content was being used in multiple locations and many pages were mixtures of prior pages that had been made redundant but were still on the website itself and located in the sitemap.

The client had a wealth of original content that provided website visitors with user engaging information but was not appearing in search engine results for two main reasons. The first was the website was causing its own suppression for duplicate content through poor site organization and development of new pages without the elimination of the prior pages. The lack of SEO optimization, keyword research and content marketing strategy were the second main reason of the the websites poor performance. The content would have to be revised for consistency of tone, elimination of irrelevant content, organized to be presented in a user friendly design, keyword research would need to be performed and a content strategy would have to be implemented. Many of the pages had a variation of a high ranking keyword but were missing the opportunity to rank in search engines because the keyword was missing a letter or was displayed in an order that was not a popular search option. Two examples, the keyword “Brown Spots” was being used which has a monthly search result volume of 0 when the keyword “Liver Spots” has 18,100 search results per month. The second most common issue was with phrases, “What Melanoma Looks Like” was the keyword being displayed, which has a search volume of 140, clickfred replaced this keyword with “What Does Melanoma Look Like” which has a search volume of 5,400.

The On-Page SEO elements were almost non-existent, Page Titles and Meta Descriptions were being used, but were duplicated, 1 of 3 variations were being used for both on all pages of the website. Header tags were displayed, but no H1 tags were being used, only H2-H5. The Header tags appeared to be used for aesthetic purposes and not SEO best practice reasons. There was no consistency between the other On-Page SEO elements and the permalink structure and the permalinks being used were not relevant to the page content. Needless to say the SEO and Social Media Strategy were not in alignment, making it difficult for potential patients to find useful information about the clinic.

SEO Marketing Strategy

What Adjustments Will Cause The Biggest Impact

What adjustments would have the largest impact and value for the client with overall online visibility for the business increasing. Clickfred doesn’t pick the low hanging fruit, we provide long term solutions to clients and we opted to resolve the issue that would have a large effect on the SEO foundation, the Google My Business account issue.

The Google+ Account issue seems easy to resolve, close the two other accounts, but that would also mean deleting the primary accounts for YouTube and Twitter. Each Google account had a different owner and login credentials, that was the first objective to overcome, identify the account owner. Once we had the owner information for each account and made sure it was correctly mapped to the active/inactive accounts we began consolidation. The active and primary accounts for each channel were kept and the six other accounts, two for each channel were eliminated. Social Media Channels were optimized for best practices, settings, preferred audience, consistent information, banners that invited the customers to click and interact, etc. Channels were synced with Google Analytics and AdWords. The video content on YouTube was maximized through playlist, end screens and custom video thumbnails.

Aligning the website content with the video library on YouTube was specially important because that allowed visitors to have complete information about the clinic and services offered. Keyword research was performed for both the website and Youtube. An analysis for monthly search volume compared to competitive density provided keywords to use and the keywords were compared with the existing content. Again, clickfred SEO Service does not go after the short term gains, we want long term value that will provide results that our clients can see. A content marketing strategy was devised that would have maximum impact with little change to the current content. Clickfred doesn’t pad invoices either, we always give you the best recommendations for your situation and the solutions offered would be something we would use ourselves. Prioritized options are presented to clients with the cost, timeframe, pros and cons. Clickfred understands businesses are on a budget and often the best solution is not possible for financial reasons, alternative or scalable options are provided, we will never give you one solution option.

Implementation of the keyword strategy and resolving the technical SEO issues were carried out simultaneously. YouTube video titles and descriptions were optimized for SEO and brought up to good standing so they could appear in search results or as suggested videos. To reduce the Page Load Speed and Page Size we began with the elimination of redundant pages. The website was reduced to 117 pages. Remember how many pages it had when we started? 256, 156 published pages that listed on the sitemap were either duplicated backup pages, development pages that should have remained as private or theme dummy content that had never been deleted. Unused resources on the website were eliminated, we compressed and optimized HTML Code, Images, CSS & JS Files Minified. Ensured GZIP compression was utilized. The website was migrated to a new hosting environment with SSD Turbo Servers and c-Panel for more control over technical aspects.

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The existing website copy content was original, provided value to site visitors and had similar keywords that were to be used from the keyword strategy we developed so minor revisions were made to the content for SEO ranking optimization. For the SEO foundation to be complete on-page SEO errors were eliminated. Permalinks, Page Titles, Header Tags, Meta Descriptions and ALT Tags were all consistent and aligned with the content marketing strategy that also utilized semantically related keywords for search engine ranking optimization.

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