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An SEO Company that gets SEO results for our clients on a consistent basis. Search engine optimization is a online marketing service that receives a lot of negative attention, but is also a requirement is today’s online business world. What is the purpose of having an online presence if no one can find your business? Finding a trustworthy SEO company or professional is not hard, just ask for case studies or to provide current client reporting. An SEO company that delivers consistent SEO results will normally provide case studies or a showcase of SEO service highlights. The clients that receive positive seo services are usually more than happy to openly speak about their search engine optimization success.

ClickFred is an SEO company that focuses on basic SEO best practices set forth by Google Webmaster Guidelines and Fundamentals. We offer clients a variety of SEO services that assist with ranking issues, and deficiencies. Depending on the goals you would like to achieve and the condition of your current website and online presence a single SEO service might be sufficient or a combination of SEO services might be required.

Website SEO Audit

There are various levels of crawl depth and complexity of a search engine optimization audit reporting. The standard SEO service for an audit would provide the errors that have been identified with the fundamentals of a search engine optimization foundation. The report would ensure that the sites permalink structure, page title, headers, copy content, meta description and ALT tags were consistent and within the range of best practice. The audit would verify that your sitemap, robots.txt file, hreflang tags, backlinks and other technical SEO components were in compliance with the requirements set forth by the Google Search Console. An in depth search engine optimization audit would deep crawl the website and address all concerns that would have a negative impact on the sites health. A complex and detailed report would be provided outlining the websites errors, warnings and notices.

What is the condition of your website? Get a free SEO Audit.

SEO Company Search Engine Optimization Audit
SEO Company SEO Services

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-page search engine optimization will be a staple of any good SEO Service package. Simply, this means the SEO Company will provide light website development to ensure the SEO foundation is in compliance with best practices. The SEO Company will correct errors that are identified in the SEO Audit Report, permalink structure, internal link structure, Page titles, headers, meta descriptions and ALT Tags. Search engines will be able to index the website and your search rankings will increase with a proper search engine optimization foundation.

Our SEO Company offers a variety of packages for our clients to choose from. On-page search engine optimization is offered at a onetime cost to implement SEO best practices, the project cost will depend on the size and condition of the website. Monthly SEO Service packages begin at a basic level that is affordable and provides clients with a strong SEO presence and scales upwards to more comprehensive levels which include an advanced SEO strategy and SEO content writing.

SEO Content Writing

CONTENT IS KING! Content is how search engines determine which websites to display and how those sites are ranked. Google, just like any other company, wants to provide the best service for it’s clients. Search engine results will display websites with quality content that is original, that provide value and the content is relevant to the search query. Quality content drives traffic, increases your search engine rankings and is imperative for any company that wants to achieve a top search engine optimization ranking.

SEO content writing is really just another name for Content Marketing. Proper content marketing will align with an SEO strategy and content will be created to implement the keywords outlined in the strategy. Content Marketing for search engine optimization is more difficult than it appears to be, creating user engaging content that includes strategic SEO keywords in compliance with SEO best practices is not an easy task to achieve. The clickfred SEO company provides SEO Service packages that include content marketing ranging from basic to advanced. We have SEO Services that will fit the budget of any company.

SEO Company Search Engine Optimization
SEO Company Technical SEO Service

Technical SEO Service Review

Technical SEO is the performance of your website and includes code optimization and premium hosting. Our technical SEO Service is offered on the higher levels of our SEO Services. Code optimization for website performance is crucial to increasing traffic, improving conversion rates, generating more leads and increasing revenue. Website performance optimization involves the review and adjustment of the code of your website to eliminate clutter and reduce the page size and speed. The elimination of code clutter helps to present the copy content in an easy to understand format for search engine algorithms and the the reduction of page size and load speed time will increase the speed of the website. Search engine spiders and website visitors both hate a slow loading website.

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