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Any self-respecting Web Design Company knows it’s no secret that the Internet is now mostly accessed from mobile devices, rather than tablets, desktop or laptop computers. When looking for Web Design Services keep in mind that mobile browsing represents over 65% of all digital media time, it’s imperative that any business’ website have Responsive Web Design.

So, what is Responsive Web Design? Simply put, it’s a website’s ability to adapt to any devices web browsing breakpoints on which it’s being displayed. Clickfred Web Design Services develops responsive websites that seamlessly adapt to any screen size breakpoints and device, using a single URL and content source from which the user accesses it. Responsive Web Design also means that every browsing experience should be optimized in accordance to the device and browser being used; this way, the user will get the fullest experience possible regardless of where they are and what they have in their hands.

End user experience isn’t the only reason a website should use responsive web design; Google’s algorithm update makes sure than mobile-responsive websites are prioritized over ones that aren’t. There are plenty of SEO reasons why good web design services should be utilized and proper web page design needs to be responsive. It’s not an option, it’s a requirement.

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Philosophy Behind Responsive Web Page Design

Clickfred Web Design Services’ philosophy behind Responsive Web Design is to make sure that a website’s design and content is fluid and flexible enough to adapt across all devices, including ones that haven’t come out yet. There is an increasing number of “smart” devices with different browser sizes, all with different breakpoints, that websites need to easily respond to: phones, tablets, televisions, consoles, readers, etc. A Responsive Web Design Company not only needs to stay up-to-date, it also needs to think ahead. 10 years ago Smart TV’s weren’t widely used, but nowadays a website should have the ability to be easily accessed from any Smart TV. Web Design Services need to understand that 10 years from now, websites might have to respond to Smart Sunglasses. Responsive Web Page Design means staying ahead of the pack!

Responsive Web Design & Web Development

Responsive Web Design Services

Clickfred offers some of the best web design services on the internet at affordable rates. We want to make sure that all potential clients and clients understand the web design services offered and why it is important. From a more technical standpoint, Responsive Web Design is a combination of flexible grids, images, and media queries, setup in a manner where a single HTML code is sent from a server to a device, and the page is then properly rendered through CSS. Whenever a website is setup like this, Googlebot user agents can crawl through a page and its assets, meaning Google will recognize the website design as responsive and prioritize it in searches.

Mobile business is the name of the game; again, 65% of internet interactions come from mobile devices nowadays and ClickFred Web Design Services takes this fact into consideration when designing a website’s layout. To stay in the fight, businesses need fluid and responsive web design to make them both look better, and attract new customers. It’s a mobile world out there and businesses need to engage their customers wherever they are instead of having them walk to a storefront. As mentioned before, websites that aren’t optimized and responsive across mobile devices will not perform well in search engine rankings. Clickfred Website Design Services are not just a business advantage, it’s actually a business necessity.

Our web design services puts focus on the process of creating a responsive layout which requires a careful web design system and a hierarchy of content across devices. That might sound complicated, but there’s really no need to worry. Clickfred is a Responsive Web Design Company that understands the keys to successful web page design and optimization.

Key To Responsive Web Page Design

Every website that expects to drive up traffic for their brand needs to make sure their web page design has the following characteristics:

Presents content properly on a phone screen

Has no need of pinching/zooming to read or interact

Is easily readable on smaller screens

Can easily be navigated with a finger

Is helpful to phone users

Has enough space to easily tap buttons and targets

Has NO horizontal scrolling

Today’s online interactions mean that web page design has to be thought out and structured for mobile first. Web Page Design should be able to display faster on a mobile device than on a computer. Three crucial elements of a responsive web design is a Fluid Grid, Flexible Text, and Flexible Images.

A Fluid Grid means that the web page design is flexible and scalable, with every element on the page having consistent spacing and proportion, easily adjusting to specific screen-widths based on percentages.

Flexible Text and Images means that both typed content and images should be easily readable when displayed on any device. Text should increase font size and line height when read on mobile devices and images should quickly scale, crop, or disappear depending on the best optimization settings for the content being displayed.

Fluid Web Design Services

The Best Web Page Design Is Fluid Like Water

When Bruce Lee was alive, there was no Internet. He didn’t know anything about computers or smartphones or SEO, but as a master of martial arts, he understood a lot about his surroundings, movement, and reactions. Years after his death, his most famous quote would not only be inspirational to aspiring martial artists, but also the core philosophy of Responsive Web Design:

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

This essentially means that a website must fluidly adapt to any resolution or screen size it needs to in order to be properly viewed, regardless of device. This also means that a website, needs to shrink and grow as needed; a cup has less water than the teapot, so as screen resolutions go down in size, certain parts of the website will not be viewed. Responsive Web design has to deliver a recognizable and interactive page regardless of the amount of content it can display on a screen.

As a Responsive Web Design Company that understands this philosophy, Clickfred focuses on delivering truly responsive Web Design Services that flow like water.

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Responsive Web Design Company

Clickfred Web Design Services

Clickfred is a Responsive Web Design Company providing Web Design Services for a day and age where responsive web design is the norm. Simply put, Clickfred does not release sites without a flexible and responsive web design geared to help your business’ online user interaction and search engine rankings.

We offer web design services that have a responsive layout that guarantees that your users can access your business website on any device, from any location, with an consistent, optimized, and seamless experience.