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We did not setout to open a Digital Marketing Agency, we evolved into one because of the demand for transparency in marketing services. Digital Marketing professionals have turned into the used car salesman of the late 80’s. Small business owners understand the necessity for digital marketing services, but have received less than honest treatment in past experiences. Transparency, simplicity, integrity and innovation are the core values that clickfred was founded on. Providing clients with digital marketing services that have clear deliverables with absolute transparency and delivering results that impact vital business metrics while keeping cost low through innovation. At clickfred we believe in business integrity, if you provide a good service at a reasonable rate your clients will be satisfied and refer associates and friends, and that is how we have grown The clickfred Digital Marketing Agency.

Inception Of A Digital Marketing Agency

Who we are is more often defined by what we do and the manner of which the event is done. Actions, above words, shape our lives and personalities, the mettle of person we become. Likewise, any company or group dedicated to any endeavor is also defined by what they do and the path they chose to reach their accomplishments. This is the story of The clickfred Digital Marketing Agency, of the people behind it.

Our group began under a very different name and worked within a different industry. A group of individuals with very distinct ways of seeing and doing things, but all very serious about getting things done, working together as a team in the young industry of online gaming. The modern gold rush of the early two-thousands, in a foreign land, was the perfect training ground for young business mavericks and the ideal proving ground for those with a few notches already under their belt. Our group was a little of both. A veritable motley crew, wildly different individuals with contrasting-if-not-conflicting points of view, ways of reasoning and personalities. You could have looked at us at any given moment and not once have thought we could possibly pull off anything without going at each other’s throats, much less managing the rise of one of the most successful gaming companies in the world. And yet, we made the impossible possible, we made fire and ice work as one, we made magic. Out of chaos, we made harmony, and helped lay the foundation of a new industry.

Innovation & True Grit

Back then there was no template, no road map, no “how to run a gaming business for dummies”, as it were, and the industry was similar to the Wild West. There were many overnight success stories that ended with falls just as abrupt if not faster. Fortunes were made and lost in the blink of an eye and those with any experience in the stock exchange could see an analogous pattern in the gaming industry. Things moved fast, adaptability and innovation were perhaps the most important traits for any entrepreneur looking to keep a company afloat in that volatile of a market.

Business Take Off

Just like in the Wild West, we had to deal with plenty of scoundrels, many of which wore expensive suits and posed as experts in fields of then questionable merit. Among such encounters we began to have our first dealings with “digital marketing expert salesmen,” with an emphasis on salesmen. Independent contractors charging ridiculous premiums claiming to be experts in a field that was barely established, delivering enormous invoices and little else. These snake oil salesmen knew a whole lot about nothing but had one hell of a sales pitch and they took us to town a few times over. A rose is a rose is a rose; let’s call a spade a spade, as these “experts” were nothing short of shysters and highway robbers. Nevertheless, we overcame and learned our lesson.

Like many of pioneers who took a stab at this budding industry at the time, we didn’t really know what we were doing at first. Somehow, through total immersion, careful observation and keen instinct our group was able to pool the skills we each brought to the table. Recognizing the strengths and weaknesses each team member possessed proved to be one of the keys to efficiency and success, we saw a path to the top and made it through, tackling every vicissitude that arose with aplomb and true grit.

In the beginning our team worked harder, not smarter but we were always in search of a more efficient method. Embracing change and technology were the other keys to efficiency and success. Having learned how to run the business successfully, we eventually realized that we did things very differently than the competition. The online poker industry exploded overnight and companies that started in rented houses with five employees were now taking in seven figure deposit volumes each day. The fact that we went against the grain and took chances to circumvent perceived conventions gave us an edge that soon saw us rising above the competition. Business change doesn’t always take a 180 degree turn, but more often than not a mere 2 degree adjustment is enough to set you on a clear course to the top. In short, we became digital marketing masters, we learned how to see through the smokescreen and scams, and strike targets that would provide the most impact. Choosing our battles wisely we focused on areas that provided maximum results, which allowed for us to compete with much larger companies with a fraction of the resources at our disposal and that’s what gave us the leg-up.


The clickfred Digital Marketing Agency

As is the case with many business stories, we eventually moved on to other industries. Achieving success within the online gaming industry, we hungered for new and exciting markets to explore, new industries to make our impact on. We knew we worked great as a group, we were a veritably dynamo, so why break the rat pack up? We figuratively fought wars together (this isn’t Webster’s, we won’t stand for the liberal and misguided use of “literally”; we don’t cater to ignorance here).

We took our efforts and diversified them, going into different areas, looking for the next great challenge, until the idea of entering the digital marketing industry became painfully obvious. After a few less-than-ideal experiences with various “digital marketing experts,” we realized there had to be something wrong with the current marketplace, a real Digital Marketing Agency was needed. The solutions proposed by some companies were the equivalent of trying to force a square peg into a circle hole and it made ulterior motives become apparent. You basically light money on fire and watch it burn with the way most agencies run marketing campaigns and we were fed up with the empty promises. Sound familiar? Déjà vu, indeed! More than a decade later and the same “digital marketing expert salesmen” were still running the same scam, but this time we were more than prepared.

Leave it to a surly bunch of oddballs like us to take a look into how the digital marketing industry runs their racket, and we soon found the problem: too much talk of how amazing everyone’s digital marketing services are and not enough delivery. The industry is flooded with meaningless buzzwords, reports chock-full of useless, inconsequential data, and methods outdated and inflexible. It boiled down to a market plagued with con men and swindlers, and we were having none of it.

Where there is a flaw, there lies opportunity. So we decided this was the insight we needed, the one lead from where we could make our next great conquest by positioning ourselves as the Digital Marketing Agency that brought marketing practices back to basics. With transparency and simplicity we would deliver digital marketing results that clients could see in the bank, not just on a report. The digital frontier beckoned us, and where we once blazed trails in other industries, we now aim to become a leading Digital Marketing Agency. We want to change the market, provide clients with deliverables that have direct impacts on vital business metrics. Metrics that will demand performance and produce accountability when no results are delivered, letting small business owners know there is a Digital Marketing Agency that has integrity and making the digital marketing industry inhospitable for the marketing consultants that deliver invoices with no results. That’s why we hold our Digital Marketing Agency to a higher standard. We are officially “raising the bar.”

So who are we? Who is clickfred? The clickfred Digital Marketing Agency is a team of digital marketing masters. At the core, we are a group of passionate individuals who excel at doing things differently and making new roads where others have hit a wall. We are all full-time students of digital marketing, business processes and the internet of things. We are mavericks and pioneers with wild sparks of genius and a wealth of experience and knowledge that is confirmed by past ventures.

We love breaking the mold, don’t just think outside the box, explode the box.

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