Website Maintenance Services and Pricing

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Website Maintenance Services and Pricing

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is the simple and cost effective solution to avoid a major web disaster that might lead to a complete rebuild and a high price tag.  How much money did your last web development project cost?  Website maintenance services will be less cost over time with higher results when compared to the alternative of allowing your website to deteriorate over time and become redundant.

Like all business equipment, from large industrial machinery, to company cars, to copiers, website support and maintenance is required for the business resource to retain value. Most companies wouldn’t let their vehicles go a year without changing the oil, but many companies allow their websites go long periods of time with no thought of how the neglect will cost more money in the long run. When website support and maintenance does not occur the site is subject to an array of issues ranging from minor to critical. The critical failures of a website are obvious to understand the cost of, website design and development are not cheap. Minor website errors could simply mean slipping in organic search results, but none the less still has a negative impact on your business and could be avoided with website maintenance services.

Website Maintenance Packages
Website Maintenance Services Website Maintenance Packages

Website Maintenance Services

Running a business is hard! We get where you’re coming from! At clickfred, we provide website maintenance packages that make sense. Not every company can afford the ongoing cost of a web development company or employ an in house developer, but website adjustments are always desired. Website maintenance cost include ensuring your company’s website is optimized and allows for minor aesthetic adjustments of the website. Editing website copy content, changing images, posting fresh content that you create that drives new business is something that is included in our website maintenance packages, which are the areas that you might be concerned with as a business owner. But do you know the full value of website maintenance services?

Website Maintenance Packages

  • Website maintenance cost pays for itself by keeping your company’s website up to date with SEO standards. The cost incurred of recovering from the loss of search positions far exceeds website maintenance cost. Revenue decreases as a result of the loss of traffic and leads and a higher cost is required for SEO services to regain the prior search engine ranking.

  • Defend your online presence against vulnerabilities caused by software updates that might expose your website to hacks, malware, black hat SEO techniques and other factors that could potentially lead to page ranking violations and search engine suppression. Website maintenance packages will prevent your website from being held ransom, cause harm to your business computers and avoid the high cost of trying to recover your domains health after falling victim to spammers and black hat SEO link farming scams.

  • Website maintenance services will keep your brand’s online presence consistent in all markets as technology changes the low cost website maintenance will allow your website to adapt in real time. The alternative, the need for a complete overhaul and rebuild of your business website will come at a much higher price than website maintenance cost.

  • Broken links, contact forms and the loss of functionality on your website will be the cause for loss of business and leads. Website maintenance services identifies these errors almost immediately and eliminates what could have been a negative impact to your brands online visibility. Hosting providers and content management systems are always increasing and upgrading security, this is one of the leading causes of website errors. Do you have the time to perform a thorough audit of every webpage on your site daily or would website maintenance services make more sense? Even in the event an error or critical failure of the website has been identified in real time do you or anyone on your staff have the knowledge or ability to resolve the issue? Make the move that makes sense and purchase one of clickfred’s website maintenance packages.

  • A client portal is easily accessible and provides access to submit IT tickets 24/7, allowing any member of your team to report and resolve issues in a prompt manner. The clickfred online customer support system allows our clients to log into our portal and view the status of your website, the current status of a pending request, communicate with support in real time, set a priority level of the issue and edit request at anytime. Website maintenance has never been easier and more affordable.

What’s Included In Our Website Support and Maintenance Packages?

The clickfred website support and maintenance packages include all the standard updates necessary to adequately maintain a website. Examples of services included in our plans include:

  • Text Revisions: Additions, Deletions or Correction of Errors

  • Image Adjustments: Additions, Deletions and Basic Retouching

  • Webpages: Additions or Deletions Using Existing Webpage Design

  • Navigational Optimization: Basic Navigational Changes to Main Menu

  • File Library Adjustments: Additions or Deletions of PDFs and Other Documents

  • Video Library: Insertion or Deletion of Pre-edited Video

  • Links: Additions, Deletions or Repairs

  • Aesthetic Adjustments: Revisions to Colors, Styles and Backgrounds

  • Contact Channels: Forms, Emails Displayed and Phone Numbers

  • Basic IT Support: Domain Level Support

*Please note this is not a complete list of services provided in our website maintenance packages, but to provide an example. Transparency and honesty are business values that clickfred takes seriously. To keep it simple, minor adjustments, light development and standard website support and maintenance is included. New web design and development are not included in these website maintenance packages. If you have a specific question or would like additional explanation for clarity please contact us and we would be happy to speak with you.

Website Maintenance Cost

2 Hours
$130.00 $65.00 Per Hour

Website Maintenance Cost

5 Hours
$275.00 $55.00 Per Hour

Website Maintenance Cost

10 Hours
$450.00 $45.00 Per Hour